» Management Services Department » Solid Waste Management and Environmental Health Department
» Treasury Department » Saujana Putra City Branch
» Valuation and Property Management Department » Information Technology Division
» Licensing Department » Legislative Unit
» Development Planning Department » Internal Audit Unit
» Engineering Department » Local Center Unit
» Building Control Department » Corporate and Public Relations Unit
» Landscape Department » Material Procurement and Surveying Unit
» Department of Community Development » Commissioner of Building
» Enforcement Departmen



Objective :

Establishing a fair and dynamic tax and rental system through efficient, effective and responsible accountability and rating systems.

Functions :

  • To carry out the assessment work in the MDKL area for the purpose of imposing Assessment Tax in accordance with Act 171, Local Government Act, 1976.
  • Make reinstatement work at least once every five years.
  • Make Assessment of Make Rate under Article 156 of the Federal Constitution.
  • Managing land premium payments, land tax payments and ownership licenses. Apply for government land.
  • Managing MDKL's immovable property.
  • Managing the rental of MDKL buildings.
  • Managing privatization projects for Council property.
  • Manage official search holdings.

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